Database Integration.

We have the skills to ensure data is transferred efficiently between systems.

Data integration the process of combining data from multiple sources to provide a unified, single view of the data.

  • Extract, Transform and Load: copies of datasets from disparate sources are gathered together, harmonized, and loaded into a data warehouse or database.
  • Extract, Load and Transform: data is loaded as is into a big data system and transformed at a later time for particular analytics uses
  • Change Data Capture: identifies data changes in databases in real-time and applies them to a data warehouse or other repositories
  • Data Replication: data in one database is replicated to other databases to keep the information the information synchronized to operational uses and for backup
  • Data Virtualization: data from different systems are virtually combined to create a unified view rather than loading data into a new repository
  • Streaming Data Integration: a real time data integration method in which different streams of data are continuously integrated and fed into analytics systems and data stores.